DSC focuses on delivering our customer’s highest expectations. This is always the case even under the toughest environment.

The experience we gained over the past few years enables us to provide professional, timely, and reliable services to Private Companies and Government Institutions.
Our team is always onsite to provide and accommodate precise solutions.
DSC provides its service that enables you to accomplish your goals. The proper and quickly strategy we implement helps establish the required infrastructure in the toughest environments.
DSC provides such services as; Logistics, life support, Cleaning Solutions, Fuel and Maintenance.
Every contract is supported as if it is our only contract regardless of size.
All of our services are provided to Private Clients, Companies, and Government Organizations.
Our team is highly motivated, committed and focused on our customers’ satisfaction.

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Our distribution is designed and built to cater for specific requirements with an effective strategy of receiving, storage and distribution in any environment. This warehouse facility processes significant volumes of goods, allowing customers to take full advantage of economies of scale through consolidation of product types.

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  • . Logistic, Transportation and Cargo.
  • . Yard, Warehouses, and Facility Services.
  • . Heavy Equipment Services.
  • . Procurement Services.