Dashti Company provides its service that enables you to accomplish your goals. The proper and quickly strategy we implement helps establish the required infrastructure in the toughest environments.

Dashti Company provides such services as; life support , Catering, Logistics, Cleaning Solutions, Fuel and Maintenance.
Every contract is supported as if it is our only contract regardless of size.
All of our services are provided to Private Clients, Companies, and Government Organizations.
Our team is highly motivated, committed and focused on our customers’ satisfaction.

Our mission is to provide the best gourmet food and the most professional catering services to our clients.
Whether your catering needs are; for a large gathering or an intimate party, our staff can handle your needs. We are able to fully outfit a kitchen that specially serves our client.

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Products–We specialize in creative fusion cuisine, choosing the best from all food traditions. We can provide any combination, from simple appetizers to five-course meals. We’re happy to work with you to suggest a menu, or we can cook to fulfill a menu you have already planned.
Services–Our chefs can cook in our kitchen or in yours. Our servers will always be dressed and behave in the most professional manner.
Our flexibility enables us to cater all our clients’ needs and to contribute towards a collective productivity and a sense of personal security & comfort.
Dashti specializes in providing site catering across Iraq.
Our cuisine is prepared to meet the highest hygiene standards and to offer a carefully balanced diet.
We offer both International and Middle Eastern cuisines.
Our menus are set on a weekly basis and are submitted to the clients in advance for their approval and suggestions.

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