DSC help’s our clients to transform in a fast-changing world of work, by assessing, developing and managing the required manpower that makes their business thrive.

At DSC, we offer a full spectrum of HR & Manpower services :
– Recruiting and per-screening
– Medicals
– Testing and interviewing
– Reducing your hiring timelines
– Reducing your costs to fill your required staffing positions
DSC identifies the required qualification needs that fit for your business, when and
where you need it – in roles ranging from office and administration, to driving and logistics; from industrial and warehouse, to DFAC and catering staff; and from skilled trades and engineering, to executive level. Using a combination of Ex-Pats, TCN’s, FN’s and Local National available workforce.

DSC has the capabilities to mobilize the team through all locations in Iraq.

DSC will provide a small camp for its own manpower services which will include but not limited to:
• Accommodation Units
• Office Unit
• Shower Unit & Septic tank
• Toilets & Potable Water
• Generators
• Kitchen Unit & Water tank
• Laundry
• Storage Area etc.


DSC ensures that all recruited personnel are fully trained in HSE awareness training, TIPS training and DFAC awareness training prior to deployment.
DSC also ensures through quality manpower management that at all times positions are manned with enough extra staff to backfill all positions in case of absence due to medical leave, RR, vacations etc.
DSC also ensures through its quality HR & Manpower departments and site stationed staff that all management, supervision, payroll, taxes and work wear supply, relevant taxes and insurances are maintained and kept up to date. What makes DSC different from the rest We’re better at accessing talent. We’re better at assessing candidates’ skills. And we’re better at matching the right individual to your job requirements, so you’ll be perfectly positioned to achieve better mission success results.