Established in March 2012, DSC has moved from a start up to one of the major contractors and has successfully provided its services to the Army Organization and Oil &Gas Companies currently operating in Iraq. Dashti Sanat Company focuses on delivering our customer’s highest expectations. This is always the case even under the toughest environment.

The experience we gained over the past fewyears enables us to provide professional, timely, and reliable services to PrivateCompanies and GovernmentInstitutions. Dashti Sanat Company provides such services as;Construction,Logistics, Life Support, Manpower, Cleaning Solutions,Fuel and Maintenance. Every contract is supported as if it is our only contract regardless of size. Dashti Company is managed by a diverse group of people.Our management team is highly experienced and motivated about any new project.

Dashti Company consists of four management levels: Administrative level, Strategic level, HSSE level and Operational level. Each level of management contains all the appropriate personnel that are needed to complete all the mandated goals and meet the dead lines. All decisions made by each level of management are aligned with the company’s mission while reflecting the company’s image and future ventures.

Dashti Sanat Company is honored to support your mission In Iraq.
Jony Jajou